MCDL Website Help

Obtaining a Username & Password

Access to private areas of the MCDL website is restricted to Team Reps only.

Each team is assigned login credentials. If you are a new Team Rep, hopefully you can obtain them from your predecessor – but if not, please email us at and we will provide you with a username and password.

Logging In

Go to and click Login on the menu bar. Note that your username and password are case-sensitive.

Posting / Editing A Coaching Advertisement

The website allows you to post an advertisement for a coach. After logging in, select Teams from the menu, and then Add/Edit Coaching Ad. Most of the fields should be self explanatory. Note that the “Live” box must be checked for the ad to be displayed (once your position is filled, please ensure you uncheck the “Live” box to remove the ad from the public view).

Once you have finished entering the information, hit <Save>, and you can view your ad at

Viewing The Meet Schedule

The full meet schedule is available under the Meets option on the menu. On the Meets screen, you can filter by Team, which is useful if you are interesting in seeing just the meets for your team. Historical results are also available from the dropdown at the top.

Registering Divers

To register divers, log in and go to Teams, and in the lower half of the menu (under your team code), select Divers.  We have an instructional video here.

Dual Meet Setup & Scoring

Prior to the meet, the home team should use the website to prepare ribbon labels. The Mail Merge procedure, which involves downloading the roster for both teams, is not longer required. After logging in, under Meets / Schedules & Results, each meet has a set of available actions using a button on the right hand column. Select Labels. This will automatically generate a set of ribbon labels and allow you to download them. Note that if you have alignment problems with printing, you may want to try opening the downloaded file in Adobe Acrobat Reader (its a free download) rather than in your browser – it is often more precise with page alignment.

A few important notes:

  • Divers must be registered on Friday prior to the meet. If not, they will only be able to dive exhibition.
  • Review our 2021 19 year old rule – there are special considerations for this age group.

After the meet, return to the same area of the website, and select Enter Scores. Enter the scores for all participating divers, marking divers Exhibition or Dive-Up as required.  Note that if you have a dive-up, you will have the option to enter a “Wildcard Score”. This isn’t required, and if you are unfamiliar with it just leave it blank.

At the bottom, press Submit Scores to save your entries.

At this point, you will see the draft results, including the overall meet score. Review the score to ensure it is correct. If you have a tie and you have 19 year-olds diving, remember to review that special rule again! Once you are comfortable that it is all accurate, press Publish – the results are automatically posted on the website and divisional standings are updated.  Any further changes can only be made by contacting the league.

Please get your scores in as quickly as possible after a meet.