MCDL Training for Judges and Referees

MCDL offers training for Judges, and Referees in the form of Officials Clinics which are offered throughout the season.

The training clinics last about 2 hours and certify judges and/or referees for 3 seasons. Clinics are provided expressly for judges and coaches of Montgomery County Diving League and not for other purposes.

Registration is not required just show up at the scheduled pools.

Dates for 2021 will be announced when available.

MCDL Clinics for Coaches

MCDL is excited to offer these clinics, free of charge, to all new or returning dive coaches. MCDL is continuing its partnership with MDC’s Doug Beavers to conduct the clinics.

Dates and locations for 2021 will be announced when available.

The clinics, which will consist of both classroom and pool deck instruction, will cover the following topics:

  • Basic physics of diving
  • Workout and season planning
  • Teaching progressions for common dives
  • Simple formula for teaching outstanding front hurdles
  • Solutions to common problems
  • Helping divers to overcome fear
    Although MCDL does not require that coaches attend these clinics, we STRONGLY ENCOURAGE our dive reps to require that all new coaches attend, as well as coaches who have not attended a clinic in the past two years. We are confident that Doug will offer plenty of fresh insights, so that all dive coaches, regardless of experience, would benefit from his instruction.

To sign up for either coaches clinic

Please email (or have the coach email) Elizabeth O’Kelly with his or her name, email, dive rep email and pool.
Any questions about these sessions also should be directed to Elizabeth O’Kelly.

Important! Whether you attend one of these sessions or not . . . Please make sure that all coaches, especially those new to MCDL, read the latest MCDL HANDBOOK (MANDATORY!)